SPOILERS – London 2012 Opening Ceremony

For those of you that are impatient like me, this is the sort of post that you might like to read. For those of you that want to “#savethesurprise” (the official hastag Twitter thingy) then I would suggest that you go back to Facebook or actually read a real book.

Danny Boyle on Stage

As soon as you walk up to your seat in the stadium, you are hit by how real and up close you are to what is going on. Whether that be the “fake” clouds that are roaming past you and, I kid you not, the farmyard animals that are roaming on the grass in the middle of the stadium – the papers were not lying. It was a bit weird at first, but with some of the actors playing traditional roles in the countryside, it was mystical. But the only thing I kept thinking was how the hell are they going to move all of this stuff to make way for everything else?

The Barnyard

But they did. It was everything that London isn’t – efficient, on time, minimum fuss or confusion and finished. We are lucky that Danny Boyle is Scottish, aren’t we? All joking aside, even through writing this post, I feel bad for divulging too many details – as he said himself “This show is for the performers, it is for the people and so I ask you to keep it a secret for them.” I was still tweeting pictures during the rehearsal, but still fair do’s.

What are they cooking up in the cauldron?

The only thing that I can do is to give you some clues about what the show might entail. The Beijing Ceremony for me was a great spectacle of discipline, aggression and fierce beauty, but I felt as if they were showing off a bit. It really lacked the character and the sheer British humour that Boyle captures in this show. He takes everything from film, music and history that is uniquely British and turns it into a real West End style show. It evoked an emotional response from everyone in the crowd, a sense of pride that has been lost in the last few years – you could tell that people were getting goose bumps watching the show, even though it was only a rehearsal.

The Stadium in All its Glory!

I have to say it really is the best show that I have ever seen live, I am not sure how it will come out on television. For those of you lucky enough to have tickets (spare ones are welcome at my house if anyone is feeling generous) then you will not forget what happens on Friday for a long time. It is something that you will be able to tell you kids or your grandkids, or someone else’s kids if they are lucky.

3 days and counting, the greatest show on earth comes to London…


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