I was fortunate enough to be in London for the Diamond Jubilee weekend when everything was happening and so one can give a review on the weekend. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. To be honest, the rarity of the four day weekend is a close kept secret amongst London-folk where they dream of not having to sweat, whatever the weather outside, on the Tube and being able to sit at home on a Sunday without having the stormy cloud of the Monday Blues hanging over their head. I could see from my social networking feed how many people were excited by the happenings of the weekend in front on them on the previous Friday. People were already camping out and buying their bunting. Sainsbury’s sold the most barbeque food it has ever sold on that Saturday for the following day in its history, so the stage was set.

And then God did the British thing. And kept doing it until now. It is doing it whilst I type. Let me give you a couple of clues – it is wet, rhymes with pain and is as recognizable in Britain as the Queen…worked it out yet? Rain. Proper, start-building-an-ark rain which literally washed out basically every street party in the country, apart from the ones in Scotland. So the one weekend where Scotland isn’t miserable and wet, England was and all of those people who had asked for permission to close their streets, sat under their gazebos as their neighbours dare not venture out, as the cakes started to go stale. What a perfect start.

“A fair amount of flag waving”

Luckily for us we were able to avoid it sufficiently in order to get to the banks of the River Thames at Blackfriars in order to observe the flotilla, which in English is a boat parade of a thousand boats on the famous local river. OK I know it sounds like watching paint dry. At least that is what could be said of the BBC coverage. 2,500 complaints was it and the Director General said he was”proud”…hmmmm. Well the pleasant thing was that watching it live was not so bad. And plus Londoners were actually talking to each other on the train and in the street….and they were not arguing…it was definitely a sight for sore eyes. It is true that atmosphere cannot be underestimated, watching thousands of people wave flags was quite a sight.

So to take us to the Monday and it seemed that people were still recovering from the night before. Nevertheless we got to the city to meet a few friends and it seemed as if it was business as usual. The weather did not hold out as much as I would have liked, but I got a few good snaps of some of the relics from the weekend in Covent Garden. Visiting Chinatown in general is an experience, but a street party there is a whole new experience – I will never forget how dragon candy is made, the orient’s best kept secret. Wrapped it up with a trip through Soho to get to the car. It seemed that some of them started early that day and anyone who has been to London knows what Soho is known for, so I need not say anymore. If you don’t, then Google it – it will probably explain it better than me.

Finally, even though I was pretty much numb from the waist down from the standing and walking, I trudged on to Tuesday. With a few friends, I got to see the Queen passing us in the street, and that was the nicest part of the day. We were hit with road closures, blockages and just general nuisances which meant that we got lost in the National Portrait Gallery (don’t ask…) and ruined our plan of going to Trafalgar Square. So we walked to St. James Park. Closed. Then Regents Park. Closed. Finally Green Park. Op-Closed. So we walked to Hyde Park which was an hour away in the rain and plonked ourselves in front of the big screen surrounded by free crisps and other goodies that were rejects from the Jubilee Festival – I can tell you we were not complaining. It was cool to see the Red Arrows live, but then again the rain seemed to dampen our spirits.

Overall I can say that the Diamond Jubilee is an event that will probably never come around again, and I really hope it doesn’t, I don’t think my legs nor my umbrella could take it. I guess it is one of the steps on the road to A Summer To Remember, and trust me, it isn’t something that I am going to forget for a while. So chin chin, as one must retire. Hope you have a lovely Jubilee (Del boy accent)!

“Doctor Who’s box has gone a bit fruity…”


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  1. Abhijeet Manu
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 13:18:14

    hi cool post!


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